Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District

The purpose of the SVGMD is to monitor and protect the Sierra Valley’s groundwater resource for the economic benefit of its users.


Sierra Valley Groundwater Model Workshop


The Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District is hosting a workshop March 31, 2017 for the introduction of a state-of-the-art groundwater model created for the Upper Middle Fork Feather River region.

Funded by a Prop 50 grant to Plumas County, the integrated numerical groundwater model was developed by the University of California, Davis Hydrologic Research Laboratory by Dr. Lev Kavvas and a team of his graduate students. The model allows a trained operator to enter parameters, such as land use, cropping patterns and population changes, to simulate surface and groundwater conditions that will result.

The March 31 workshop, to be held at 1:30 p.m. at the Sierra Christian Church in Beckwourth, CA (corner of Highway 70 and Beckwourth-Genesee Road), will feature a presentation by the UC Davis modeling team. The workshop will provide an overview of the model, will feature how the model has already been used by the UC Davis team to simulate the climate, surface water and groundwater conditions in Sierra Valley under thirteen climate projections through the year 2100, and will provide an audience discussion opportunity with the modeling team and the Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District board.

This model is expected to provide important information to the decision makers and community members for future planning of the groundwater resources of Sierra Valley. Under California’s 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, the Sierra Valley Groundwater Basin, currently ranked as Medium Priority, is required to have a Groundwater Sustainability Plan developed and in place by 2022.

The workshop will conclude with a discussion of next steps, potential groundwater management scenarios to explore and additional research and modeling development needed.

The UC Davis Hydrologic Research Laboratory’s areas of specialization include mathematical modeling of the integrated hydrologic-atmospheric processes at global, continental, country and watershed scales for the simulation and prediction of hydrologic water balances toward quantifying phenomena such as floods and droughts; mathematical modeling of hydrologic processes at regional, watershed and hillslope scales; investigations on the mathematical modeling of contaminant transport by inland surface waters, unsaturated flow and groundwater flow, and physical hydraulic modeling of environmental fluid flows.

The Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District was founded through a joint powers agreement between Plumas and Sierra Counties as authorized by California Senate Bill 1391 in 1980. SVGMD works to preserve and manage groundwater in the Sierra Valley basin for all beneficial uses.



SVGMD Policy & Procedures Manual

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